Lung Cancer

Benign tumors will be the very best case due to the fact that it will be removed without any spread of the infected cells within the human body. Malignant tumors will have another approach, growing aggressively and invading other tissues of the body, allowing the entrance of the infected cells within the bloodstream thus infecting other parts of the body as well. Such a process will be known as metastasis.

Lung cancer is one of the most known diseases on the planet, affecting daily hundreds of people. Due to the fact that it tends to metastasize earlier when developing, having as a comparison other types of cancer, the lung cancer treatment, if not applied in time will become ineffective because of the aggressiveness of this disease.

Lung cancer can spread almost to any part of the human body, most especially within the brain, liver and adrenal glands, these being the most common regions where you will find signs of lung cancer. This disease will develop in almost any part of the lung but studies show that almost 95% will form itself within the epithelial cells, which will be the cells that will be line up the larger and smaller airways named bronchioles and bronchi.

Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of death throughout the world. The ACS, American Cancer Society, has estimated that almost 300,000 cases of lung cancer per year are recorded and that almost half of them will survive, leaving the lung cancer survival rate at a 50%, depending solely on the time and development of the disease of the diagnosis. It could be described as a disease of the elderly, statistics showing that almost 70% of the people that will be diagnosed with lung cancer will have 65% as predominant elderly people, half of this suffering from stage 4 lung cancer.

Lung cancer was not that common in the past, prior to 1930s but since then it has increased dramatically due to the increased consumption of tobacco and cigarettes. In some countries the numbers have got down due to the some extreme awareness campaigns in order to educate the masses. Sadly, lung cancer remains until today one of the most common and deadliest diseases on the planet that will have various lung cancer treatments but in the majority of the cases a very low lung cancer survival rate.

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