Lung Cancer Treatments

Such a disruption within the systems of balances and checks will result in a formation of a mass that is known also in medical terms as a tumor. Such a tumor could be malignant and benign, hoping in all cases to be the last form because other wise this will be a clear sign of lung cancer. In lung cancer treatment, there are various forms in which the patient along the doctor could chose for the process to be performed depending solely on the patient’s medical history and the development of the mass.

It will involve most of the time the surgical removal of the lung cancer this operation having as a lung cancer survival rate of 60%, underlining the fact that a comparison could be made only between the patients of specific stages, stage 4 lung cancer being the worst. In most cases radiation therapy or chemotherapy will be needed, or sometimes a combination of both the operation and the radiations in order to kill the existing cancer.

Having a comparison with other types of cancers will most likely underline the fact that treatments all various and the steps in treating it are somewhat the same starting with some curative treatment, following a palliative measure in order to reduce the pain and suffering of the patient that will suffer from lung cancer.

A combination of therapies will be most common, sustaining one another in the fight for cancer and creating a healthier environment for the human body that suffers from such a cell abnormality. The surgical removal of the tumor is most commonly performed for the limited stages namely stage one and two of cancer and will be the most recommended treatment for lung cancer that has not spread yet beyond the lung.

Statistics show that almost 35% lung cancers will be removed surgically but such a removal will not equal most of the time a fully restored body due to the fact that there is a possibility that the tumors have spread and can reoccur after the procedure. The lung cancer survival rate for such cases will be 25%-40% of the patients that will undergo such a procedure and studies showing that on duration of five years, they did not suffer from any relapse.

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