Lung cancer symptoms

As earlier stated, statistics show that there is a increased number of 25% within the past few years of patients that suffered from lung cancer but did now show any type of symptom, their disease being discovered on a routine CT scan or chest X-ray as a small mass that is also known as coin lesion due to the fact that on such a scan a tumor will be similar to a coin.

Such a patient will report almost all the time that he or she did not suffered from any type of symptoms of lung cancer or even suspect of being sick at all. The development of lung cancer within the lung tissue and the invasion of it will most of the time interfere with the patient’s breathing that will, in time, lead to lung cancer symptoms as shortness of breath, cough, chest pains, wheezing and the worst one of them all, coughing up blood.

In some cases the cancer could lead up to invade the nerves and will cause shoulder pains that will travel from the outside of the arm to the inside or in some cases paralysis of the vocal cords.

The invasion of the esophagus could develop to having a difficulty in swallowing and patients that will have their airway obstructed will have a collapsed lung and other complications and infections that will arise due to this incident. Lung cancer symptoms that will be connected to metastasis will include headaches, blurred visions, seizures, symptoms of stroke like a sensation of loss of different body parts.

In some cases lung cancer will spread to the bones that will cause excruciating pain for the patient. The tumor cells could produce in some cases a production of some hormones that will cause several lung cancer symptoms. These are named paraneoplastic syndromes and will be common at almost any type of tumor.

When experiencing weight loss, fatigue, weakness or depression, a psychological disorder, a person could suffer from lung cancer symptoms. Having them check would be one of the best solutions most especially when the patient suffers from a persistent cough, chest pains, blood in the sputum, a continuous bronchitis or repeated infections within the respiratory system, fatigue or unexplained weight loss and breathing difficulties.

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