Breast cancer treatment

The first steps that you should consider after being diagnosed with breast cancer should be to plan side by side with your oncologist your treatment that will be specific to your condition and will be based on the pathology report that you will have. This plan will be comprised by several types of treatment that will target the cancerous cells in various ways in order to annihilate them and to provide a healing medium so there will be no reoccurrence within the future.

If you are not fully satisfied with the treatment that you will be offered or the attendee that will be during this process, you could always get a second opinion, an in most cases it is fairly recommended to get one due to difference in medical expertise and treatments.

Surgery will be always on the list for breast cancer treatments, being almost the primary way of attack against breast cancer. Depending on many factors, the choice for surgery will be drawn only if the patient will be in acceptance of the result. Lumpectomy and mastectomy are the primary types of surgery in trying to combat breast cancer and statistics show that they are the most effective. Almost 70% of patients that will suffer from breast cancer which will undergo a surgical operation will have great results and no reoccurrence of the cancerous cells within the body, study made on a period of three years after the operation.

Chemotherapy is another breast cancer treatment that will be applied in order to kill the cancerous cells but it will have some negative effects on the human body depending on the amount that will be required. Hair loss, severe vomiting, head and stomach aches are part of the symptoms that a patient will suffer when undergoing chemotherapy.

In the same category there will e radiation therapy, which will have great results but at the same time some adverse passing effects on the patient. Another newly developed breast cancer treatment is the hormonal therapy which has been recently catalogued as a huge success in treating breast cancer, the link between various hormones and the cancerous cells being proven as highly effective in the healing process.

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