Breast cancer symptoms

In other cases, breast cancer will begin within the stromal tissues that will include the fibrous and fatty connective tissues within the breast. In time, these cancerous cells will invade the vicinity of the healthy breast tissue and travel within the underarm lymph nodes, which are very small organs that will filter out all of the foreign substances that will be within the human body. If cancer cells will travel to these lymph nodes then they will have clear paths to other parts of the body as well.

There have been many breast cancer awareness campaigns made throughout time and their relevance showed a statistical decrease in cases over the past years, people, most especially women, being recommended to consult a doctor almost two times per year for a full check up.

Breast cancer will be caused most of the time by a genetic abnormality but studies show that almost 10% of the cases in which such an abnormality will be passed on from father or mother to child will account for patients that will suffer from it, the other 90% will be determined by the aging process and the passing of life and health issues that will occur during it.

There are various preemptive steps that a person could perform like having a very healthy life style, exercising and having healthy eating and sleep habits but at the end of the day breast cancer will be no one’s fault. As any type of cancer, early symptoms of breast cancer will not be existent. Only when the disease will spread and develop, then the patient will notice some irregularities within his or her body. As the tumor will grow the patient will observe some changes within the breast, on how it looks or how it feels.

Common breast cancer symptoms will be: feeling a thickening or a lump within the breast or the area around it, a change in the shape or the size of the breast, the nipple being turned inwards within the breast, puckering or dimpling within the skin of the breast, discharging fluid from the nipple and in most cases this will be reddish, red, swollen or scaly skin on the breast, areola or nipple, the skin may present some scars or ridges around the areola.

If you notice any of the breast cancer symptoms presented earlier, you should go and consult your doctor immediately due to the fact that an early diagnosis will improve the chances for a fully positive result in breast cancer treatment.

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