Astrocytoma - tumor

This tumor has serious negative effects on the brain parenchyma. It causes high intracranial pressure which usually leads to hydroenchepfaly. In case of a low-grade astrocytoma, which has a slow rate of growing (four times slower than other types); it may take years for the tumor to be discovered.

Nevertheless, glioblastomas are the most aggressive tumors, even more aggressive than anaplastic astrocytomas.

This is a rare condition, in USA there have been reported 5.4 cases in 100000 people and internationally the incidence is very similar. The survival rate differs according to the type of astrocytoma from 10 to less than 1 year. This disease affects both man and woman the same. As far as age is concerned, it was observed that the incidence of this disorder is higher before 20 years of age. Although only low-grade astrocytomas develop at adulthood, the specificity of this tumor is that it affects mainly youngsters and even children.

So far it is not well known what causes astrocytomas. Studies have revealed that irradiation and nitroso compounds raise the chances of developing this disease.

In terms of treatment, in cases where surgery is not possible due to the high risk of affecting other brain structures, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the options. Also, more recently, physicians have discovered the benefits of concomitant temozolomide.

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